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Real Estate and conciergerie

Our team can promptly respond to the primary needs of clients wishing to move to Italy and is focused on providing exclusive and personalized concierge services to support the entry into Italy and to simplify the search, rental and purchase of real estate.


We guarantee the client the best assistance and maximum transparency and security: the members of our team deal directly with the property owners or their consultants and assist the client in all phases of the real estate search.

We are not a real estate agency and we do not intend to take the place of real estate brokers: our service is completely independent and allows us to be discreet and transparent with the client and to support them in all phases of the search and acquisition process of the suitable property to meet their needs.


We are experts in the real estate legal sector and we are committed to providing a first-class service, ensuring that the interests of our clients are always protected and properly defended especially during negotiations.

As our clients you will be represented by us throughout the entire process: we will assist you in all negotiations and advise you on tax and legal assistance. We remain fully involved throughout the process of exchanging agreements and completing your real estate acquisition.

Our extensive experience in the real estate business allows us to manage all stages of the acquisition process (rental or purchase) of a property, often saving clients considerable sums of money while providing a high level of comfort. If our client is interested in making an offer on a property, we take care of all contractual negotiations on his behalf and carry out strict mortgage and cadastral due diligence on the property. This means that our client will never be exposed to the risk of obtaining insufficient information or making inadequately judged commitments.


Market knowledge

Whether you are looking for a family residence, an office or an investment opportunity, we will help you make the best real estate decisions by offering tailor-made advice and building long-term relationships


By virtue of the experience gained in the most different contexts, Eteria boasts extensive specialist knowledge in the real estate business and develops collaborative projects based on the real needs expressed by clients, creating "tailor-made" solutions for them according to their needs and history

Trust, honesty and confidentiality

Our business is based on trust, honesty and confidentiality. This is part of everything we do, and it is what gives our clients, colleagues and partners the confidence to work with or team

We will be pleased to answer all your questions without any obligation

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