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Acquisition of residence in Italy and special tax regimes

Italy is offering an interesting package of tax incentives that guarantee the exemption of a large part of the income produced by individuals who become new residents: High Net Worth Individuals, employees, professionals, entrepreneurs, professional sportsmen and women and retirees.

Numerous benefits are available to new residents:

  • High net worth individuals are being offered a special flat tax on foreign income (this tax break comes with an exemption from inheritance and gift tax on foreign assets, among others)
  • Workers can get a special tax break for earnings in Italy
  • Foreign pensioners can pay a low flat tax on foreign income instead of personal income tax
  • Possibility of obtaining fast-tracking of visas


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Thanks to the combination of multidisciplinary skills, Eteria can assist foreign and Italian clients in planning and implementing their entry or return to Italy by connecting them with external professionals specialized in international taxation.


We work to resolve questions of tax residency and domicile with the help of external independent professionals and experts in international tax planning, who will also be responsible for advising the client in all procedures with the Italian Tax Authorities. Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists can advise the client on all areas of estate planning including trusts, inheritance tax and succession planning.

We take care for HNWI clients and for those who intend to move to Italy to work or to spend their retirement of all the bureaucratic formalities necessary for the acquisition of the status of Italian tax resident (online visa application; italian tax code assignment; appointments with the Consulate).




Simplicity and clarity

We are aware that the burden of bureaucracy in Italy is a serious problem: our team works to find simple solutions in the context of complexity, with the aim of achieving our clients' objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible


Internationality and Network

Fluent in national and international issues and well connected with local Firms, our company puts qualified independent professionals at the service of Private and HNWI clients on Tax&Legal and Consulting matters


Multidisciplinary skills

The structure of a team with multidisciplinary skills ensures a comprehensive vision and analysis to help clients achieve their goals and make decisions in a national and international context


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