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Sworn translations

Sworn translations are translations that are made formal by an official oath before the court or a notary public.

Through the oath, the translator swears to have translated the text properly and faithfully, with the sole purpose of making the truth known, and undertakes responsibility, including criminal liability, for what he has written. The oath and legalisation are essential procedures for submitting any document to an authority, body or official body in a language other than the original.

Eteria collaborates with experts specialised in the sworn translation of documents from and for abroad. The services offered include:

  • Translation of legal and notarial documents and documents to be served abroad
  • Translation with legalisation of financial statements, by-laws, deeds of incorporation, Chamber of Commerce enquiries and all the documentation required to take part in international tenders
  • Translation of Birth Certificates, Master Certificates, documents for residence permits and citizenship applications
  • Translation of Chamber of Commerce Certificates (visure camerali).

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