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In Italy real estate ownership is very widespread and is recorded in the real estate registers kept at the provincial offices of the Territory. The verification of the ownership of a property takes place through the inspection of real estate registers, which is the most important operation among all those that must be carried out before starting any manifestation of interest on any property.

Our experience and our connection with real estate registers allows us to offer our clients an excellent legal due diligence service on properties located throughout the Italian territory: we are able to offer reports in two languages and certified by a notary public.


What are real estate reports?

Real estate reports certify the ownership, identification and legal marketability of the property. They collect all the information that it is good for the buyer to know before proceeding with the purchase, also helping to speed up the time of purchase and sale, as they allow to collect useful information for the transaction. The report contains certain and reliable data based on the inspections carried out by the notary in the real estate registers and the preventive legality check carried out by the notary himself, who signs and certifies the report.

In particular, a real estate report includes:

  • Identification of the property, including exact location, description and cadastral data
  • Verification of the cadastral regularity of the property
  • The cadastral plan of the property
  • Identification of the owner with the relevant personal data (name, surname, date of birth and tax code for natural persons; name, registered office, share capital, tax code and R.E.A. registration number for legal persons)
  • The list of changes of ownership of the property
  • The list of any legal criticalities present on the property.



To take over information on properties located in the Italian territory in order to verify their ownership

Limitations check

To check whether the property has any prejudicial criticalities that could limit its legal enjoyment or limit its value, or make it difficult to sell (e.g. mortgages, foreclosures, liens, court rulings)

Transfer of ownership

To verify the regularity of transfers of ownership of the property and the continuity of records on property registers. In fact, every property transfer must be registered and transcribed on the property registers and failure to transcribe a property transfer determines the ineffectiveness of the transcriptions of all subsequent transfers

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