Starting a business in Italy

Incorporate an Innovative Start-Up in Italy

Our team can offer professional and qualified assistance to clients who intend to proceed with the formation of an Innovative Start-Up, carrying out the entire telematic procedure at the Chamber of Commerce.

What distinguishes us from other suppliers is the provision of a complete "turnkey" service: our team acquires the information strictly necessary from the client (without subjecting him to the stress of filling in "do-it-yourself" forms), guiding him in his initial choices and taking care of all the necessary bureaucratic and legal formalities, with considerable savings in time and effort.


Services included

  • Full assistance during the process relating to the drafting of the documents required for the establishment of the legal entity
  • Carrying out the entire electronic incorporation procedure at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Assignment of the tax code (codice fiscale) for all shareholders and directors of the legal entity
  • Drafting of the PoA text to be formalised abroad (if required)
  • Activation of PEC certified e-mail for the legal entity
  • Attribution of the VAT number for the legal entity
  • Inclusion of the VAT number of the legal entity in the VIES archive
  • Provision of the notice of start of the legal entity's activities
  • Preparation of the dossier containing the documentation, including the certificate from the Chamber of Commerce (visura camerale) in double language (Ita-Eng) with all the data of the legal entity
  • Full assistance in the process of opening a bank account for the legal entity

Additional services

* The Italian tax code (codice fiscale) is the identification system for natural and legal persons in all relations with public bodies and administrations.
Certified electronic mail (PEC) is an electronic mail system through which the sender is provided with electronic receipt, with legal value, certifying the sending and delivery of computer documents.
The VAT number is a code that identifies the "taxpayer", i.e. who is required to pay the taxes and duties established by law.
In order to be able to carry out intra-Community transactions, VAT subjects must be included in the Vies (VAT information exchange system) archive.
The certified start of business report (SCIA) allows companies to start their business activity.
The certificate of the Chamber of Commerce (Visura Camerale) is an information document with all the details concerning the company.


What is the Innovative Start-Up?

The definition of an Innovative Start-Up is that of a company or a cooperative, newly created or in existence for less than 60 months, whose aim is to encourage the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative products and services with a high technological content.

For this purpose the following tax benefits are provided:

  • Reduction of taxes and duties at the time of incorporation of the company
  • Tax benefits for those who manage the company
  • Tax breaks for those who want to invest in an Innovative Start-Up
  • Possibility of using contract employees.

In order to obtain the benefits, the company must:

  • Carry out research and development to a value equal to or greater than 15% of  total turnover
  • Alternatively, have at least one-third of its employees and consultants who have a Ph.D. or are doing research for a Ph.D
  • Alternatively, be the custodian, owner or licensee of a patent for an industrial or biotechnology invention.

There are, however, some restrictions on the distribution of dividends, as the Start-Up cannot distribute the dividends to shareholders for the first 5 years after its incorporation.


Quality and legal certainty

In the context of a complex legal transaction such as the incorporation of a company, our team is able to guarantee the best solutions to create a safe product tailored to the client's needs

Tax benefits

We carry out a detailed analysis regarding the use of tax benefits and compliance with the requirements of Decree Law no. 179 of 2012 and fill out all the documents to be attached to the application for registration with the Special Register of Innovative Start-Ups on behalf of the client

Bureaucracy and timing

Our intervention makes it possible to overcome most of the bureaucratic formalities required by the incorporation procedure


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