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Provision of registered office (Domiciliation service)

Our corporate and postal domiciliation service was created to provide assistance and support to clients who need to domicile their mail and registered office at our Milan office (50 meters from Piazza Affari, 250 meters from Piazza Cordusio, 500 meters from Piazza Duomo), taking advantage of important benefits including:

  • The possibility of using the registered address of Eteria as the registered office, which can be communicated to all the competent authorities and to the notary public at the time of incorporation and which will appear in the Register of Companies certificate
  • The possibility to domicile the mail (ordinary mail, registered mail, deeds, notifications) of your company.

The mail received will be physically delivered only to the client's legal representative or the person indicated by him, or will be sent to another chosen address depending on the instructions received and the client will be updated daily on the arrivals of correspondence.


What is the registered office?

When a company is incorporated in Italy, or a Branch or Representative Office is estabished, it is necessary to indicate the place and address of the registered office within the Italian territory.

The registered office is the equivalent of the domicile for natural persons and is also the place of notification of the company's legal correspondence, where all communications from the Italian Public Authorities (including the Register of Companies, VAT Office, Municipality, INPS, ASL, etc.) will arrive.


Is it possible to change the registered office?

It is always possible to modify the address of the registered office, moving it within the same municipality or to another place in the Italian territory or even abroad.


Is a security deposit required?

Most service providers also require a security deposit. By default, Eteria does not require a security deposit.

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