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Digital signature

The digital signature allows, through a "digital certificate" of personal authentication, to subscribe a computer document (usually a PDF file) with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

The digital certificate is the electronic equivalent of an identity document and digitally identifies a natural or legal person. It is personal, non-duplicable and cannot be transferred. It is valid for 3 years with the possibility of renewal for another 3 years. It is issued by a Certification Authority (CA), recognised according to international standards, which guarantees the validity of the information contained in the certificate.

Eteria provides the digital signature through the Business Key device: it is a USB key to be connected directly to the USB port of the personal computer or laptop. It is equipped with a SIM, delivered together with the token and contains the signature software.

The Business key allows you to:

  • Digitally sign computer documents of any kind with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature affixed to paper documents, and with the same authentication value as seals, punches, stamps, marks and brands of any kind where required by law
  • Guarantee the integrity and validity of the document
  • Access the online services of Public Administrations and other entities through authentication to consult personal data made available by Public Administrations directly on websites (e.g. Agenzia delle Entrate, INPS, ASL)
  • Consult free of charge the documents relating to your company (visualizations, copies of deeds and financial statements, etc.) present in the Register of Companies.

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