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Corporate changes and compliance

Frequently, during the business activity of the company, shareholders and directors decide to modify the company's structure, governance or, more generally, the rules relating to the functioning of the company, or intend to proceed with the winding up of the company.

Moreover, usually directors, as part of their internal management activity, must proceed with the drafting of deeds and documents, such as notices of convening of the shareholders' meeting or of the Board of Directors, the drafting of the related minutes and written resolutions, as well as the granting of proxies or powers of attorney to perform specific activities.

In addition, it often happens that the company intends to cooperate with other companies in order to face the competition on the global market by entering into joint venture agreements.

Finally, Italian law requires all companies, in some cases and within certain deadlines, to carry out certain bureaucratic activities, linked to the company's tax profile, such as the drafting and approval of the annual financial statements.

In the area of corporate changes and post-incorporation services, our team can provide the client with the necessary advice and support to ensure that the company is compliant with Italian law.

Corporate service

  • Minutes of changes to the company's administration system and the allocation of management powers
  • Minutes for the approval of the financial statements
  • Shareholding transfer agreements and share endorsements
  • Drafting and deposit of proxies in commercial matters
  • Organisation of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Shareholders' Meeting with completion of all necessary formalities and participation, where required, as secretary
  • Keeping and updating of company books
  • Deposits with the Register of Companies, the Inland Revenue, the Chamber of Commerce and Social Security Offices

Statutory amendments

  • Minutes of change of the registered office within the same Municipality or in another place in the Italian territory or abroad
  • Minutes of change of company name
  • Minutes of modification of the corporate purpose (i.e. of the activity exercised by the company)
  • Minutes of extension or reduction of the company's duration
  • Minutes of opening of local units
  • Minutes of adoption of a new bylaws

Operations on share capital and dissolution of the company

  • Minutes of increase or decrease in share capital
  • Preparation of legal documents for the execution of cash contributions (loans, non-repayable payments, payments for the subscription of a future capital increase)
  • Minutes of the liquidation of the company or the Branch and of the appointment of the liquidator for winding-up of the company
  • Removal of the company or Branch from the Register of Companies and closure of the VAT number

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